Frequenty Asked Questions

What is this?

It's a handy little highlighting tool for any textual image content you want to comment on.

So it's a free image highlighter, in the browser?

That's right. You can highlight portions of an image to add more context to online discussions, and it all happens in your own browser.

Why did you create it?

To scratch an itch (we wanted an easy web-based highlighting tool for images) and also to put something out there to aid civic discourse. If we can offer a simple tool and some visual suggestions for how we can get better at contextual discussions around snippets of text, then that's doing a little bit of good in the world.

That's really our mission - to do good in the world, which is why we've built a platform called Do Gooder to help campaigners and activists do good in their bit of the world.

How can I support you folks?

At Do Gooder we're trying to build tools for the good people. This is our first free one for the web.

If you want to support development of this and other free tools for good, you can install the Brave browser and allocate some Basic Attention Token to our site (we're a registered publisher).

We think this could be a great model for easy crowdsourced support for little endeavours like this. (We recently wrote about the power of browser choice in browserocracy).

If that's not your thing spreading the word about or checking out Do Gooder would be fine by us!

Lastly, you can always do good yourself every Friday by joining Good Fridays.

You know X does this.

Yes - there are lots of options out there from standalone apps to browser plugins.

Mozilla have been working on a screenshots service for their Firefox browser, so you could check that out at if you want.

We had a look at a lot of them and decided we'd like to embrace the constraints of using the web, and only accepting image content. It keeps it simple and allows you to highlight any content, regardless of where it exists.

It could be better.

Hey, that's not a question! It's true though, and good encouragement. If you have suggestions just tweet @goodlighterapp


  • Highlighter by Vectors Market from the Noun Project
  • Settings by iconfun from the Noun Project
  • Save by Landan Lloyd from the Noun Project
  • Download by Aneeque Ahmed from the Noun Project
  • Delete by iconfun from the Noun Project

Special thanks to Jacinda Arden for being so positively highlightable!