No Spying doesn't track you, period. No trackers. No analytics. No spying.

In fact once your browser downloads the app, all the good stuff runs on your own computer.

The only time something happens off your computer is if you decide to send your goodlightering to Twitter.

(We kind of have no choice on that one - sorry 😉 )

We deliberately did this to make a point that it's possible to create some good in the world without spying on users.

No Surveillance Capitalism

In the aftermath of the Facebook scandal with Cambridge Analytica we've all woken up to the dangers of unfettered online surveillance.

While there's nothing wrong with your average website collecting anonymous usage data, when its part of a wider, sophisticated network it becomes something else entirely.

We wrote about Surveillance capitalism recently, and can definitely confirm it's no good.

While we do collect anonymous analytics on our blog for campaigners and activists and our site for running advocacy campaigns to petition governments we recently dropped Google Analytics for Matomo (formerly Piwki). If you run a site and want to opt-out from Surveillance Capitalism but still get some insights into your online activities check out Matomo.

What if you don't believe us?

Well, that's good! It's sensible to be suspicious of claims from random web pages.

The first thing you can do is check out Brave's shields panel to see there are no trackers hanging out here 😀

You are using Brave (referral link, direct link if you prefer that) right? If you aren't check out our post on browserocracy to see what kind of power you can wield just by changing your browser.

More Privacy

If you're after even more privacy, consider using Duck Duck Go as your search engine (it's the default in Brave). They have a lovely little site called don't track us which illustrates some of the concerns with our current online behaviours.

Are we missing any good info on privacy to add here? Please send us an email or tweet at @goodlighterapp with any suggestions!